Changes with Gdrive permissions?

Dear all.

I just wonder if anyone else is expierencing difficulitys with gdrive mount?
Ecxactly at 00:00 EST my playback stopped(emby) now all files on my gdrive schow 403
on rclone mount and gdrive in browser reports download limit exeeded.

There is no heavy usage and its working fine for over a year now.

Anyone else in same boat?

Best Regards

Looks like you got a 24 hour ban.

Might be time to move to the rclone cache version if you aren’t already :slight_smile:

This verry strange …
This drive has really low usage 1-2 users wit 5-10 Mbit streams.

As it was easy to setup, i am now using cache with a config out of another post of you.
My acc is allready unbanned after 6 hours. b4 today i used:
plexdrive > rclone_mount(decrypt)
Now its:
plexdrive > rclone cache > rclone_mount(decrypt)

Verry gentle settings, so i rally wonder about that ban…

Is plexdrive still needed here ? As i understood rclone_cache it makes plexdrive obsolete?

I don’t think the cache has been around for more than a year so didn’t something else change or get configured recently?

RClone Cache does replace Plexdrive.

No changes at all. My machine is verry steady. it is a verry clean arch linux with only a single function - emby and gdrive. Anyway i switched from plexrive to rclone cache. Lets see how it goes.

Thanks for your support.