Change template for Suspected Bug

Many first time rcloners, they think that if their command does not work, it is a bug.

as we know, almost always, there is no bug, just a newbie mistake.

perhaps it is just me, but somehow that really annoys me...

i suggest a change to the Suspected Bug Template, to add the following

If this is your first time posting at the rclone forum, please start a new post using the Help and Support Template instead of posting here a potential bug.
Most first time users mistakenly think that their problem is a bug.

I just looked at the numbers - there are 7,500 "Help and support" issues but only 600 "Suspected bug" issues, so I think most users are gravitating to a "help and support" ticket anyway?

well, i guess you should delete this post. thanks

Feedback is good as is discussion :slight_smile:

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