Change crypt remote password then resume sync

I have a directory being sync’d periodically to a crypt remote with a cron job. What is sync’s behavior if the password and salt are changed in the local config?

My guess is that it would just trash everything at the remote that was encrypted under the previous pw+salt and reupload everything. Is that correct?

I’m trying to avoid any surprises before I do it.

Not sure it’s a sync question per se, but if you change the crypt password/salt, it won’t be able to read that directory at all and pretty much generate a lot of errors.

If you change that info, you’d make a new location for it.

Ok, this is still confusing me a bit. Let me clarify something: I’m syncing into an encrypted subdirectory of an unencrypted gdrive. Let’s see if this reasoning makes sense. I’m doing something like this:

rclone sync /home/nicolas gdrive_crypt:/home/nicolas

So with the original pw+salt this maps to some scrambled directory ‘foo’ that is still visible from the unecrypted gdrive view. After changing the pw+salt it would map to some other empty scrambled directory ‘bar’ and rclone would upload everything again to complete the sync. Actually trashing the previously sync’d data would mean manually deleting ‘foo’.

You’d want to delete foo yourself. Rclone won’t even be able to read it.

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