Cerfitified Course

I am impressed with RClone, looks like have many future.

I wish to know if already exist certified courses for RClone, if not I could suggest create it, this could increase their popularity.

There isn't a course (as far as I know)

What were you thinking of?

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exist free website to upload your course, then after an assessment you can receive a certificate.

this could be cool in small business because RClone can replace MySQL at least in small business.

also rclone could add ads or allow donations, to be better software.

Rclone is a cloud storage tool.

MySQL is a database.

Rclone cannot replace MySQL.

Donations are/have been live for quite some time -> Donations (rclone.org)

I see! It is a nice idea - I wonder if anyone needs an rclone training course - that would be the first question to answer.

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