Can't upload/download file

I have a file that I can’t download or upload to another remotes. Both are google drive accounts.

I get this error :slight_smile:

2017/08/16 03:00:12 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 10/10 (error Post unexpected EOF)
2017/08/16 03:00:12 DEBUG : redacted.mkv: Received error: Post unexpected EOF - low level retry 3/10
2017/08/16 03:00:12 DEBUG gdrive2: Saved new token in config file

Does this mean the file is corrupted ?

I believe low level retries like this would mean that it just failed to upload like the connection got severed.

I don’t think it’s this as it just this single file. In the end I just deleted it as I couldn’t download or copy it.