Can't setup Rclone for Seedbox to Google Drive

I’ve read the following guide: However that seems to assume that I’m familiar with the command line which I’m not. It also seems to be missing a lot of steps.

I’ve setup Rclone config on my local drive. I’ve logged into my Feral Hosting Seedbox via SSH. Now what do I do? Need a dummies guide please.

I’ve connected to my seedbox via SSH. I entered the following:
cd /media/521a/daveymames/private/rclone/
Then I entered: sudo nano rclone.conf

It asked for “[sudo] password for daveymames”. Entered my password and it says “daveymames is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.”


I don’t know this hoster but I think you should ask THEIR support for installing/using any CLI software on THEIR servers.

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Hey man, you don’t need to sudo to edit the rclone.conf. Just edit it normally. You’re not a sudoer since feral doesn’t give its users root access. It’s not a VPS setup, it’s more of a chroot thing.

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Feral has a guide.

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