Can't list buckets without project number

I’m looking for some basic help to make rclone work on my pc, in particular to sync with an existing Google Drive account.

Once installed and configured it (following the instructions), I type in terminal this command just to make a test:
“rclone ls remote:”
which is supposed to list all folders contained in the main path, but I got this:
“2016/12/30 13:20:38 can’t list buckets without project number”

So I have no idea what is a ‘project number’, I set it to “” as many other parameters in the “config”.

I am a bit confused because I don’t know where can I got these parameters. I will be thankful to anyone who will help me, because I am really enthusiastic about this program and really wanna start using it!!!


You’ve configured a “Google Cloud Storage” account, go back through the config again and choose “Google Drive” instead

 6 / Google Cloud Storage (this is not Google Drive)   -- NOT THIS ONE
   \ "google cloud storage"
 7 / Google Drive                                                          -- THIS ONE!
   \ "drive"

Note that those numbers may be different in your version of rclone…

Hope that helps


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uhhhhhhh…you are definitely right!

what a fool… thanks a lot Nick! :slight_smile:

You aren’t the first person to have done that, so don’t feel bad!