Cant get --poll-interval working with union remote

So i just want a simple union remote with local folders as sources, to gather several folders

Are there any prerequisites for using --poll-interval with union mounts?

Im just doing as simple as possible

mount UNIONREMOTE: Z: --poll-interval 30s --read-only --log-file logfile.txt --vfs-cache-mode off

Maybe it has something to do with --vfs-cache-mode off? or do i need more arguments to trigger --poll-interval ?


What version of rclone are you running?
What's your actual mount command?

Can you reproduce the error and share the log and make sure to enable debug with "-vv" in your mount command.

rclone v1.49.5

rclone mount UNIONREMOTE: Z: --poll-interval 30s --verbose --log-file logfile.txt --vfs-cache-mode off

the log with debug says "INFO : union root '': poll-interval is not supported by this remote"

Can you update to the latest and share the rclone.conf setup?

I never updated cause i was afraid i would break something ^^ Would you mind sharing how to do it correctly

same error with new version, the remotesetup is as basic as it goes, cause its union

type = union

--poll-interval or ChangeNotify as it is called internally should work with union if one of the remotes supports it.

Which remotes are you using ?

Chan you show your config (with secrets XXXed out)?