Cannot delete google drive file in shared folder

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I did the following:

  1. create 2 folders in google drive
  2. 1 folder, i share with another user with read/write rigth
  3. in the shared folder, the other user created a file.(in google drive)
  4. in my own folder, i created a file (in google drive)
  5. i then sync the folders (files) to my local drive, 1 folder per google drive folder
  6. i made some processing, and then DELETED the files in my local drive.
  7. i then sync the local drive to google drive, hoping to DELETE THE FILES in google drive.
  8. in my own folder, the file is deleted. [no problem]
    in the shared folder, where the file is created by the other user, the file is NOT DELETED. RClone error is:

ERROR : SMSoutbox gasa01/sTEST01.txt: Couldn’t delete: googleapi: Error 403: The user does not have sufficient permissions for this file., insufficientFilePermissions

what should I DO?

I think this is the same problem as this thread

The conclusion we came to is that the public API just can’t do that :frowning:

thank you very much.
i just to make a work around…

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