Cannot connect to forum over mullvad proxy server?

for many years i have been connecting to rclone forum using firefox over mullvad proxy server
for the last several days, i am not able to connect to rclone forum when using mullvad proxy server.

anybody else experiencing this issue??

i have tested firefox and mullvad browser, both now fail.
if i disable the proxy and connect direct, then it works.




I was having identical problem just hours ago. Without any proxy on a residential IP.

lol, i guess your new favorite number is 429
as you get 429 with google and 429 with rclone forum

Everyone is trying to limit me :pensive:

There is a limit per login per IP and it was 6 per minute. That's the only rate limit I see offhand. I upped it slightly. Can you test?

I don't think that limit was it. Under the covers, there is a policy with Nginx bundled with discourse:

  reqs_per_second: 12
  burst_per_second: 12
  reqs_per_minute: 200
  burst_per_minute: 100
  conn_per_ip: 20

I'd imagine based on the logs, the shared IPs for a VPN might hitting that limit I guess. I need to dig a little more.

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yeah, it is a shared ip, but over the last few days, my machine would have randomly picked a different ip address.
and 3+ years, never had this issue, with the exact same setup.

and in firefox, i must have 20+ tabs open.
this only happens with
but so far, not happening to

Discourse uses a built in Nginx and rate limiting so wouldn't be related to as I am pretty sure he runs that off Caddy.

ok, that makes sense.

did you restart the discourse server?

Oh, I was having this just hours ago. Without any proxy on a residential IP.

I think this might be it.

Before opening my issue, I was doing a lot of research, reading through existing issues with a lot of tabs open.

I started working again once I closed all the tabs and backed off for a while.

20+ tabs open is not a lot.
and for sure, that is not the issue.

What about these poll requests?

But yeah, it still won't be anywhere close to 10s of requests per second.

i no longer have the issue after @Animosity022 made some changes...

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The NGinx rate limiting should be resolved.

@Animosity022, thanks for the private message and working to fix this.

lol, i felt naked without mullvad

Thanks for fixing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you up the nginx limits?

I wonder whether the forum is growing out of its VM - maybe we need a bigger one.

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I’ll send you a message as it wasn’t super obvious.

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limits for logged in requests are a mistake in my opinion.

it drove me away from wikipedia btw. i just read it now and force myself to not fix anything i see wrong.

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