Can you run Same Multiple Global Flags each with different flags

This one line I have:
rclone move "$FROM" "$TO" --transfers=4 --checkers=4 --delete-empty-src-dirs --min-age 15m --log-file=$LOGFILE

The part with "--min-age 15m", can you add multiple times?


--min-age 5d --min-age 4d --min-age 3d --min-age 2d --min-age 1d

What I am trying to do is since I get the "user exceeded the limits" I want to upload the oldest files first. So I am wanting Rclone to check if there is files older than 5 days, if none then 4 then 3 and so on.

I tried without getting any errors but not sure if there is a better way.


try this
--order-by modtime,ascending

I got this when I tried it

Fatal error: unknown flag: --order-by

Download the latest version as yours is outdated.

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