Can you rename a large amount of files (copy/sync/...)?

I want to transfer a large file system to an S3 bucket and rename them following the pattern:
/foo/bar/156d4dd4-633c-40a4-a7fa-5e8f68bae5e3.bin :arrow_right: 156d4dd4-633c-40a4-a7fa-5e8f68bae5e3
In other words, I want all files stored flatly in the bucket. Is there any way to do this with rclone?

I've looked at the copy, sync and copyto commands and filtering options. Copyto can do it, but only file per file, while I want to do it in bulk.

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searching the forum for flatten

What you can do is run rclone copyto but via the API. You'd run rclone rcd as the api server then rclone rc to copy each file.

This is quite an efficient way to do it.

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