Can we make "shared drives" server side copy?

Can we make "shared drives" server side copy ?

Yes, you can.

assume i have to shared drives
Folder 1
Folder 2

i want to copy Folder 1 content to Folder 2. if i use two remote name it is coping file

You'd run a copy command use the flag I linked:

Folder 1 = remote name "Folder 1"
Folder 2 = remote name "Folder 2"

if i want to copy folder 1 to folder 2 to any file

it will be like rclone copy "folder 1:abc.jpg" "folder 2:abc.jpg"

if remote name is different i don't think it can do server side copy. is there anyway we can give same remote name access to two different folder?

Add the flag I linked above to the copy command...

rclone copy "folder 1:abc.jpg" "folder 2:abc.jpg" --drive-server-side-across-configs
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