Can two rclone remotes share vfs cache?

With the latest rclone, can two rclone remotes share the same VFS cache (assuming the remotes are named the same and pointing to the same cache dir?)

E.g. if I have 3 ssh mounts pointing to the same destination, but mounted with 3 different accounts, each with its own download limits. Each account has some exclusive permissions to dest folders but all three have access to some common folders.

If I made 3 rclone conf files and named all 3 remotes ssh:, then mounted all 3 with --cache-dir=/mnt/cache,
would this allow the VFS cache to be merged/shared or will this cause an issue? Again, the dest objects are identical for all 3, so there wouldn't be a situation where dest:fileA.txt is different between any remote.

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No, there is no method to share the cache and is not recommended.

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I don't recommend doing this - the VFS cache for a remote was designed to be under the exclusive control of a single rclone instance.

You might want to look at the union backend here - that could be more what you want.

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Thank you. I have tested this in varying scenarios and mount that it works well if cycle remotes of the same name pointing to the same source, but only if not simultaneously mounted.

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