Can´t use spaces in folder names. What´s wrong with my command

Hi there. I hope anyone can help me.

I am getting this error message Command copy needs 2 arguments minimum when trying to copy some files into another folder. I only want to copy new files inside a folder that already have files.

This are my commands that I use


Work without spaces in folder names and sync everything inside _CSYNC folder

rclone -vv --drive-chunk-size=512M --buffer-size=512M --transfers 8 --checkers 20 --size-only --track-renames --update sync J:/N3/M_Media/_CSYNC MYOWN_REMOTE:/M-REMOTE/CLOUD/Cloud_Media/M_Media/_CSYNC

Work with spaces in folder names and sync everythin in SBH copy (2019) folder

rclone -vv --drive-chunk-size=256M --buffer-size=256M --transfers 8 --checkers 16 --size-only --track-renames --update copy "P:/N5/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)" MYOWN_REMOTE:"/M-REMOTE/CLOUD/G_Media/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)"

—don´t work—

same as above but with one more directory don´t work

rclone -vv --drive-chunk-size=256M --buffer-size=256M --transfers 8 --checkers 16 --size-only --track-renames --update copy "P:/N5/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19“ MYOWN_REMOTE:"/M-REMOTE/CLOUD/G_Media/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19“

the only difference is one more directory inside SBH copy (2019)

Thank you for your assistance.

Can you put the command you are trying run in 3 of the backticks before and after and that will format as a command.

3 of ` things the line above and after

The one that didn't work works for me but not sure exactly what you typed. I did:

rclone -vv --drive-chunk-size=256M --buffer-size=256M --transfers 8 --checkers 16 --size-only --track-renames --update copy "P:/N5/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19" MYOWN_REMOTE:"/M-REMOTE/CLOUD/G_Media/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19"
2019/08/28 19:57:47 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.49.0" starting with parameters ["rclone" "-vv" "--drive-chunk-size=256M" "--buffer-size=256M" "--transfers" "8" "--checkers" "16" "--size-only" "--track-renames" "--update" "copy" "P:/N5/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19" "MYOWN_REMOTE:/M-REMOTE/CLOUD/G_Media/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19"]
2019/08/28 19:57:47 DEBUG : Using config file from "/Users/textere/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2019/08/28 19:57:47 Failed to create file system for "P:/N5/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19": didn't find section in config file

try moving the quote to the very beginging before MYOWN_REMOTE instead of the middle of the path. That whole line including the name of the remote is one parameter, so you want the quotes around the whole thing typically, or at least that is the safest way. I don't know if your syntaxt is technically valid or not.

that quote is edited to show how I mean

Hi @Animosity022.

I am only using one command at once. Each of that commands is the single line I input when using rclone. This is how I do it;
open CMD window
cd.. multiple times until root of C
then cd rclone
and inside that directory i paste some of the previous commands and that´s all.

I don´t know how to make a super command that don´t need (manually) to travel all the way back to root to access the rclone folder

Thank you.

I am going to try that change in the path, thank you @thestigma

Just append the path to the executable to the start of the command
short example:

C:\rclone\rclone size MyGoogleDrive

instead of:

cd rclone
rclone size MyGoogleDrive:

If there are spesific commands or sets of commands you use often you might want to put your commands into a txt file and rename it into a .bat - then you can simply click it to run in windows. It's also a great way to automate unattended tasks.

Hi @thestigma it worked very well. The only thing is that the window automatically close after finishing the process instead of keeping opened as the usual long way, is there any command I need to add to keep opened so I can check if there were any error or something?

Thank you.


if you want to change the current working drive and the current working directory, this is a better option.
as you can see, the current drive B: and the current directory is \
the cd /d changes the current drive to C: and the current working directory to \rclone

B:>cd /d c:\rclone\

C:\rclone>rclone.exe --version
rclone v1.49.1

and if you want to keep the window open after rclone has finished, you really should create a .cmd file and run that, add the pause command at the end.

but you seem to want to re-type each and every command, each and every time, so you need to combine two commands on one line like so:

C:\rclone>rclone --version & pause
rclone v1.49.1

  • os/arch: windows/amd64
  • go version: go1.12.3
    Press any key to continue . . .

How this works depends on how you launch the command.

If you open up a CMD window and then type in the command then it should not automatically close the window after the command is done.

If on the other hand you run the command directly from RUN or use something like "start rclone version" from another CMD or a script then it will launch another window that automatically closes when done.

As asdffdsa says, simply putting "pause" at the end of your command, or bottom of your script is always an option too.

It sounds to me like what you really want here are some simple scripts to do common tasks. That is generally better (and much easier to understand for you I bet) than trying to make "super commands" as you say. You could certainly make very advanced one-line commands that would do a lot of things all at once, but they will end up looking pretty cryptic and hard to understand for a beginner.

Pretty much all users with a little know-how use scripts to run all often-repeated jobs (often completely automated). Manually inputting it all would get boring quickly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you want me to make you a few basic batch examples for your most common tasks then just let me know (just tell me what the tasks and commands are, as well as where rclone is installed). Then you can use those examples as a guide to make your own later on as your needs grow more complicated.

let's just convert your command into the script.

  1. in the same folder as rclone.exe, create a file named test.cmd.
  2. paste and save the following code into test.cmd.
  3. run test.cmd from windows explorer.

rclone -vv --drive-chunk-size=256M --buffer-size=256M --transfers 8 --checkers 16 --size-only --track-renames --update "P:/N5/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19“ "MYOWN_REMOTE:/M-REMOTE/CLOUD/G_Media/T_Media/Pre/SBH copy (2019)/Season 19“

if you get that done, we can go the next step and add a few important flags like


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