Can rclone work as a WebDAV Server?

If I want to have WebDAV server on local Linux PC, in general, I need to install Apache2/httpd or Nginx, and load some modules like After some complex configuration, the WebDAV server will work. I could mount a directory of local PC as a disk to another PC.

I notice that rclone could rclone serve webdav GDrive and have a WebDAV directly, which is connected to Google.

Is there any way to have a WebDAV server connected to a local directory by using rclone easily? So that I can mount this directory to another computer.
Kind of like do so easily in my NAS and other computer in the same network could easily connected to these folders.



rclone serve webdav /path/to/directory

will do it at a basic level.

Check out the docs here

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It works!!! Reeeeeeaaaaaally Coooool!! :100:
I no longer need to deploy Apache2 !! Rclone is so convenient!



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