Can Rclone not copy a file if there is already a folder with the same name?

I need to copy only one file per folder, so I need a command that not copy a file if there is already a folder

rclone copyto I'd imagine but with such little details, no help and support template, that's why no one tends to respond.

There is no template because Im not using a command because I dont know if exists.

Lets say I have Folder "A" and folder "B"

Folder "A" has two files, I want to copy only one file and if folder "B" already has that file then skip the other file and not copy it

I don't know what version you are running so the command may or may not exist.
I don't know what remote you are running so some questions arise per remote.

rclone copy A:onefile B:

Im using google drive, if the command exists on any version I will install that one

That's already how copy works as if a file is the same, it won't recopy it up.

If you'd like to share an example with some output, that's probably the best and why we ask for all that info up front as it makes less assumptions in the process and you get an easier answer and less back and forth.

The more effort you put into something, generally the better the output at the end.

Ok, I have folders that has two books with the word english or spanish on them, but I have folders with only one book, lets say spanish or english.

I want to copy only one version, either spanish or english but if I choose spanish and a book is not on it I want it on english, so i can copy all and use the include=spanish and that will copy all the spanish books, but if a folder has only one english book it wont copy it.

I find a way to do it but im not sure the command is ok.
I need to exclude the folders that are already created.
--filter 'not dirname(path) in ["folder", "folder2"]'

But says failed to load, malformed rule

The filtering information is here:

That has a ton of examples and use cases and the formats for the filters.

I red it, but that command should works

Can you share specifically what command you are running and the ouput?

rclone copy filter:/filter filter --drive-stop-on-upload-limit --progress --transfers=20 --drive-chunk-size 64M --filter 'not dirname(path) in ["niidea", "prueba"]' --log-level INFO --log-file d:/loogs.txt

2022/12/05 19:12:18 Failed to load filters: malformed rule "'not"

Where do you see that filtering syntax anywhere on the documentation?

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