Can rclone be used to serve files stored on Google drive to a web based uploader such as Youtube?

Hi, I'm new to rclone. What I want to do is serve files to a web based uploader (e.g. Youtube) from a cloud-based location (e.g. Google drive). To be clear, I don't want the files to be routed through my local machine but rather transferred directly server-to-server.

Is this possible with rclone?

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no. rclone always uses the machine it runs on as an intermediary except in cases where its on one remote service and the service itself enables you to move files within itself.

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you can rent a cheap virtual machine or vps in the cloud and run rclone on that.
in that way, will not use your local machine.

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Thanks for your suggestion - that sounds like just the thing!! :slight_smile:

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