Can Not Complete Config for both Google Drive and Dropbox

I am unable to complete the configuration of a remote for either Google Drive or Dropbox.

Google Drive Error:
Failed to configure token: failed to get token: Post dial tcp: lookup on dial udp i/o timeout

Dropbox Error:
Failed to authorize: Post dial tcp: lookup on dial udp i/o timeout

Any help would be greatly appreciated

This looks like a name resolution problem. Your nameservers aren’t responding to nameserver requests.

I suspect your nameserver is mis-configured somehow. Which OS are you using? If linux check /etc/resolv.conf

Thanks, that led me right to the problem. There were three nameservers listed in my resolv.conf file. The ip address listed in the error was the third. Both it and the second server listed responded correctly to dns lookups using nslookup. The first server in the list however, was not responding at all to dns lookups. I replaced the dns servers with and, and configuration now completes.

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