Can I use RClone to keep data in sync between Seafile and existing folder?

Sorry for not using the template, but this isn't a problem, just a question.

I see that RClone supports SeaFile. I am wondering if I setup Seafile then use RClone to connect to it, could I essentially keep Seafile and an external directory in sync with eachother?

So if a file gets added or changed through SeaFile those changes will also sync to the folder connected to RClone. Likewise if I add a file to the RClone directory, then it will get added to Seafile?

I know this would cause me to have a duplicate of all the data. But I'm Ok with that.

The reason for this is because SeaFile stores data in a proprietary way that would make any data in it completely inaccessible if something ever went wrong with seafile. But I want to use it for its performance, however risking my data for speed isn't an option.

Sure, check out:

Bisync (

Awesome, looks like just what I need.

I’ll give it go once I can actually get SeaFile installed on my Synology…first time using compose with “named volumes” and I can’t figure out how to change where it puts them :roll_eyes:

well crap. I tried it out and Bisync wont run on a Seafile backend because it doesnt support modtime...

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