Can I pull the version number of the latest version from the web?

I know I can do curl | sudo bash in order to get and install the latest version and that procedure usefully aborts, with an informative message, if I have the latest version already. However, it would be useful if one could fetch just the version number of the current version from web. That way I could skip the download were I up to date already.

Is there a way this can be done, please?

Just open and read it, it already checks if there is an update before updating. Check:

Right. Thanks. I was confusing the script with the whole rclone code. In fact, the script is just a little script and it will download rclone only if necessary. I suppose I was encouraged to my mistake by curl's download progress meter.


$ rclone version --check
yours:  1.54.0-beta.4889.45e8bea8d.fix-4446-vfs-virtual
latest: 1.53.2                                   (released 2020-10-26)
beta:   1.54.0-beta.4889.45e8bea8d               (released 2020-11-11)

This reads from

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