Can I mount rclone in existing folder or drive?

Can I mount rclone in an already existing local drive?
Can I stream media through DLNA (Windows media player network sharing services, NO PLEX) after mounting rclone in folder or new drive?
If yes please reply me with command

hello and welcome to the fourum,

yes, that is what i do.
rclone mount remote: b:\rclone\mount\remote

yes, rclone can emulate a dlna server, no plex needed.
rclone serve dlna remote:
tho can use any dlna server.

i have a short wiki about that

but please explain me about this error after I using rclone dlna in my tv
2022/07/04 13:49:13 ERROR : /:**** SUBSCRIBE 404

when you first posted, there was a template of questions, that help us to help you.
so please provide the answers.

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