Can I ignore image files when transferring files from rClone to Google Drive?

I use this command to copy everything inside my "TransfersToGoogleDrive1" folder to my Google Workspace account. After copying everything, it deletes the local files on the server.

rclone move ~/private/rtorrent/data/"TransfersToGoogleDrive1" SharedDrive6:/"" -v --transfers=3 --stats=5s --drive-use-trash --delete-empty-src-dirs

My problem is that image files take a long time transfer because there's so many of them. Can I exclude any folder containing the word "images" or "photos" from being transferred and have them deleted after the transfer is complete as these are always photos instead of screenshots?

Is there a command I can add to ignore image files and delete them after the transfers of everything else has finished? Or is there a way for rClone to zip images in any folder into 1 file in each of those folders so I can transfer the zip which will take far less time?

Is there a way to tell rClone to transfer all video files first and transfer images last?

Use filters:

to include or/and exclude specific files or/and directories

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