Can I create symlinks or hardlinks (shortcuts) inside a mount?

I believe this might be possible but I don’t know how to do it.

I want to preserve my (UHD) Blu-Ray folder structure like BDMV and Certificate folders.
Inside the BDMV/Stream/ we have m2ts files that can be played like any normal video file.

I want to make another folder and have a link to this m2ts file like this:
MOVIES/UHD Blu-Ray/2001 Space Odyssey/BDMV/Stream/00000.m2ts

MOVIES/UHD Links/2001 Space Odyssey/ or something

And it would be great if this could be persistent between systems. Mount my crypt on Windows this link would still reference to the same file. This would mean relative paths would be needed.

Maybe this is not even possible but it was worth asking.
But if it is possible, what command in linux would do it?

I am assuming you mean on a rclone mount?

You can’t at the current time do symlinks on a rclone mount.

[felix@gemini GD]$ ln hosts lgo
ln: failed to create hard link 'lgo' => 'hosts': Function not implemented
[felix@gemini GD]$ ln -s hosts go
ln: failed to create symbolic link 'go': Input/output error

Is this a bug, or just something that hasn't been implemented yet?

I filed a report

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Not implemented: