Can i copy form encrpted ACD to unencrypted gdrive

Is it possible to transfer my encrypted library on amazon to gdrive but remove encrption before uploading?
essentially i would like to have my library mirrored on gdrive but without encrption?
I will be using a scaleway server for the transfer. Thanks

Yes quite easily

Just do a

rclone sync acdcrypt: drive:

It will decrypt from ACD and upload unencrypted to drive

That’s what I was thinking thanks for the confirmation.

Make sure you use the latest beta for this - there was a bug involving over the network transfers from a crypted drive which this might trigger.

@ncw thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to update to the latest beta before giving this a go tonight.

What was the bug specifically? Iin my case i’m going form encrypted amazon to encrypted gdrive, both with different encryption credentials.

The files get corrupted on Gdrive.

I did an acdcrypt: gdcrypt: sync about a month ago and had over 900 corruptions (out of about 60k files). I couldn’t re-upload the corrupted files so I just nuked it and restarted.

I hope this time you used same password and just copy already encrypted files imo best way since that way checksum works.

Yes of course. That’s what I’ve been advocating for a few weeks to people. I realize there was a bug in rclone but to have so much data corrupted left me with a very sour taste in my mouth.