Can Bazarr directly download/safe subtitles to Google Drive?

I just heard of Bazarr and I want to set it up correctly.

Can Bazarr directly download/safe subtitles to my mounted Google Drive ?

This sounds more like a question about Bazaar than about rclone (I had to look it up myself to see what it was).

But the short answer here: If the program has a way to store a file to disk - it can store it to an rclone mount. Presumably this is fairly obvious when you try to use it - or at least should not be too hard to find out if you look at it's documentation and options.

I had mounted Google Drive via rclone on my server and then started Bazarr to use the network share to access it.
The application created the subtitle files but all only with the size of 0kb.

That's why I was asking here. It seemed that it is not working at first.

Now I mounted it directly windows and now it is working perfectly fine.

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