Can anyone help me with the setup in Docker in synology NAS?

I'm new to rclone and had no knowledge of linux at all, however I found it so useful and fun and I followed the instructions and finally managed to use rclone to copy/sync my files between google drive/onedrive in the debian system in my VPS.

However when I tried to install rclone in my synology 218+, I'm not able to find ANY instructions for help. all the documents i can find explains how to install it in Docker with command lines, while in synology the Docker is a app with user interface.

With absolutely no knowledge of Docker it's frustrating for me to proceed any further. Can anyone please help me to complete the setup of the rclone in docker? Really have no clues for this...

Can any one help me please?

There are some instructions for setting rclone up with plain docker here:

I'm not familiar with synology NAS and that user interface - maybe you can translate the docker options into that GUI?

Hi... I may be able to help. I own a Synology and have Docker installed like you. I don't believe the GUI you refer to will be of any use as Rclone is not an app that will remain running. You can setup Rclone to work with the Docker GUI but there are certain limitations which make it difficult to use i.e. you have to 'expose' the passwd and group files which you can't do in the GUI. I suggest you login (ssh terminal) to your DiskStation under your account then 'sudo su' to root user to run docker commands instead (you can script these if you wish and stick in the crontab).

In the example below, my rclone.config file is on the 'volume1' path below and mapped to the other path for Rclone to use (path after the : colon). I then setup 3 of my shares mapped to the same names for Rclone to use. The other entries allow Rclone to reference the system files as discussed. The final line is the actual Rclone task, in this case I just ran a sync from source to destination (with progress indication). My remote storage is a Minio Server but it could be anything that Rclone supports. The config and credentials for my Minio Server are contained within the rclone.config file.

docker run --rm \
--volume /volume1/docker/appdata/rclone/config:/config/rclone \
--volume /volume1/Scans:/Scans \
--volume /volume1/Temp:/Temp \
--volume /volume1/Public:/Public \
--user $(id -u):$(id -g) \
--volume /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro --volume /etc/group:/etc/group:ro \
--device /dev/fuse --cap-add SYS_ADMIN --security-opt apparmor:unconfined \
rclone/rclone sync -P /Temp mini-minio:diskstation-rclone/Temp

You can use the above to experiment and create multiple command strings as you desire. I intend to encrypt files on the Minio Server end once I've finished playing. Hope the above helps in some way, good luck!

Unless you really need or want to run it in docker. There is no need.

There is now a new package in the synocommunity (SynoCli Disk Tools) that will install fuse.

Then you can just install rclone directly on your nas.

This page might help as a starting point.

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