Can anyone explain the difference between buying directly from dropbox versus using layeredonline?

Can anyone explain the difference between buying directly from dropbox versus using layeredonline?

If I buy from dropbox I can get 3 advanced users for 20% off if I pay yearly?

Either way it's 90$ a month but dropbox is 20% off if billed annually, so what benefit is there to layeredonline? Is layeredonline somehow better at honestly making the storage unlimited without yanking users around?

At LayerOnline you need to buy “only” one user (costs less as 3 users at Deopbox) and there is a monthly due date for the payment (you don’t need to cash out 12 months in once).

All other differences will time to tell.

Oh this looks better at what I'm looking for. Why aren't others using this? I know there's a thread where people are looking for others to get 3+ users.

You'd have to ask them, I guess.

My guess is that they just don't like anybody else than themselves to be admin of the Dropbox account.

But we still need to see how the LayerOnline account will be affected or not affected by users that breach the Dropbox terms. The question of course being, will a sanction hit just the single user breaching the terms, or will it hit the whole LayerOnline Dropbox account.

Wait so layeronline is letting the 35$ a month plan have unlimited storage as well as the 90$ one? Really? That sounds almost too good to be true?

you subscribe with LayerOnline. LayerOnline subscribes with DropBox.
LayerOnline has unlimited and they resell a slice of their subscription to you.
I have called them,,,, it was not so easy since English is not my primary language...
This is what sales from LayerOnline explained to me:
to have UNLIMITED with DropBox you have to sigh for the Advanced plan with minimum 3 users and for 18 € x 3 users = 36 €
TO have the unlimited with LayerOnline you need to sigh with them for 33 € but you need to trust LayerOnline and not DropBox.

I'm still not fully clear on this whole reseller thing, if I buy from layeronline can I still get a personal dropbox api token?

Yes, as many as you want.
It is the same Dropbox as normal, only you are in the LayerOnline “group”

Does anyone know how much is their storage? Since now dropbox is increasing the storage 10 tb/week

I asked last week, but they did not answered.
Anyway... I am not happy to have something not totally under my control hosting MY DATA

That is why you need encryption. If you setup file encryption + file obfuscation , they can't see your data, Especially if you created not only the encryption password, but also a SALT password. There is not a way for them do to anything with your data, except maybe toss you out of the group if you are using too much, but your data stays in your account, but it converts it into a single account, so if you hate alot of data you will be over your quota immediately. I heard they got allocated 5PB of storage when creating their enterprise account, and that is almost at 3PB. How much higher they can go? IDK. I have a DropBox Advanced account and we have 20 members with 500TB of storage and they stopped giving us big increases and have only been giving us 10TB/week now.

I am setting up my rclone for layeronline and I was just old that my team shares an api quota, does that mean everyone using layeronline is using a shared api token with a shared quota and that'll be a problem? Or is that quota gigantic?

Okay so Dropbox says that in old versions of rclone

--dropbox-batch-mode off

was default
does that mean that

--dropbox-batch-mode sync

is default now?

aka do I actually have to type --dropbox-batch-mode sync or is it just the default mode for dropbox in 1.63?

That is not true
Please follow the end of this howto and create your own API and no one else will use it, except you

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Thank you. Must be 15 characters.

Can you see how much space is available now on layeronline?

4,828.02 TB of 5,184.07 TB used - meaning, 356.05 TB available.

The remaining 356TB of the current 5.1PB allocation will be used up soon (hours).

The LayerOnline account grows at a rate of ~4 users/day and ~500TB/day currently. It has 102 users right now.

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Now it's down to 4,931.25 TB of 5,184.07 TB

Now 103 users, moving at a rate of ~34.3TB/hour or 824TB/day.

It'll be gone soon, less than 7 hours. I wonder if Dropbox will allot more than 10TB for increases to the LayerOnline group, since there's over 100 people. Otherwise, it would only be like 90GB per user per week, first come first serve lol

Though, I heard that Dropbox support was saying that these 10TB/week increases was temporary while they catch up with their unexpected user growth. Hope it doesn't take them long. They need to add a few hundred exabytes to keep up with the migration rate.

It would be wise for a reseller company (such as LayerOnline) to start a new Dropbox Advanced Group every 4-5 users (an extra 1 or 2 for padding when/if someone leaves and gives time to replace them). And treat every Group as it's own separate business. Not only would it be more realistic to spilt the 10 TB/week among the smaller group, but this would add more resiliency for when some users break Dropbox TOS too, like not using rclone crypt on copyrighted material.

Darn, looks like I joined at a bad time! It's now a race between google's read-only mode patience and layeronline? ouchies.

I might just have to open both my layeronline account 35$ AND dropbox advanced 3users 90$ and then pray these combined drizzle of TB increases outpace google's read-only patience.

If only I had checked my email a month sooner I'd have gotten in on the ground floor of layeronline during my grace period :frowning:

TLDR: What should all 100 of us do when it's out of space? Should we all submit a ticket to layeronline? or submit a ticket to dropbox? neither? both? something else?