Cached remote; dir-cache-time & buffer-size

Using a cached remote, does the parameters dir-cache-time and buffer-size do anything?

This will always be used when you are using rclone mount - it won’t otherwise.

This is used when reading/writing files whether you are using mount/sync/copy/move/whatever.

What is the best practice for this on a cached mount, when every change to the remote is done thru the mount?

Is this on the mount layer? So if I for example set this 24M with cache chunks at 8M, it will basically preload 2 more cached chunks for me?

I’d guess setting it quite low would be what you’d want since it is low overhead for the vfs layer to get directory listings etc from the cache.

Every open file will have this much buffering. It would be interesting to experiment . It is mainly for speeding up fetches of remote files. I expect with cache you could set it to 0 and that would work fine.