Cache settings.. nvme, ftth etc to take into account

Hey guys Hoping someone might be able to help me with tweaking my rclone since i crashed my unraid setup trying to index my plex in my rclone mount. Basically i had to reboot it after a few mind trying to have plex index content…

my current setup is: Synology rackstation with like 40tb of goodies. this is what im trying to move away from due to power usage and constant issues transcoding.

My target is the following setup:

Windows VM on my AIO box (xeon-D 1521 with 64gb ram)

nvidia quadro p2000 passed through to help transcode

cache drive of maybe 3-400Gb on my nvme datastore drive… - too much/little?

all content mounted via cifs by cached rclone on g-drive on my storage VM - currently an unraid setup. Hopefully i Can keep this so i have the two vm’s separate.

Internet connection is about 700Mbit and Can do roughly 70MB/s uploaded most of the time to google drive.

I’v had Great success mounting and backing up my content so far… but now i want to downsize my homelab and run the streaming directly from the rclone cache mount.

I’v tried to find some info on recommended settings etc… but not really having much luck in the process…

Any help apreciated!