Cache encrypted remote metadata for faster syncing

Is it possible to locally cache an encrypted remote’s file’s/folder’s metadata for faster syncing?

Every time you do a sync it’ll compare the local files with the remote files to see what needs to be synced. This can take a while if you’ve got a lot of files on the remote. If there was a way to cache the remote file/folder metadata then the sync operation could compare against the local cache which would be faster.

That is exactly what the cache backend is for:

I saw that but couldn’t figure out how to use it with sync. Would I i just use the cache remote instead of the encrypted remote when running the sync command?

And it says to use it in this order:

Google Drive remote > cache of Google Drive remote > crypt of cache of Google drive remote

So then I would just continue doing sync on the crypt remote, right?

That is the recommended order yes, so you would continue doing the sync on the crypt.