--cache-dir setting being ignored

Hi all.

I am running the following command:
rclone mount --allow-other --cache-dir /mnt/user/rclone/rclonecache/ --cache-db-path /mnt/user/rclone/rclonedb/ crypt: /mnt/disks/crypt -vv

But it seems to be ignore the --cache-dir setting? This is shown in the log:
Cache chunk path: /root/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/

You want “-cache-chunk-path” if you want to modify that location.

The cache-dir is just where the cache.db is.

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This worked thanks, the mount kept filling up my /root and I don’t have that much space to share on that. Now just got to working how to get things to start faster and I will golden, thanks again.