Cache-dir and cache-db questions

If I have a Rclone mount, and couple of background sync and move operations to the same rclone mount, Should they all share the same locations for cache-dir and cache-db?

You can only have one process using the cache.

  1. you should really be syncing directly to the remotes instead of the mount performance and error handling wise. The mount will refresh with the changes.

  2. do you really need the cache?

The sync and the uploads are directly to the remote, sorry for any confusion.
where as the mount is to provide nas-like access.

It seemed like I need to specify the cache and cache-db path, even though I'm only using VFS with the mount, so it doesn't fillup the SDcard as opposed to the external drive I'm using for the storage and caching.

I'm not following what you're doing. If you list out the commands you're actually running we can help more along with what your config looks like. Its the reason we ask this stuff up front but it looks like that template was deleted. :frowning:

I'm using gdrive remote -> Encrypted Remote -> Rclone Mount VFS -> Mergerfs -> Samba.

There are auxillary scripts i'm using to run rclone sync and rclone move in the background to move & sync written files in the mergerfs writing directories back to encrypted remote.

I don't seem to be having a problem at present, but I was wondering if any concurrent sync and move operations should have separate cache-dir and cache-db-paths so they don't run into issues when sending data up to the encrypted remote. So I guess what I'm asking is:

  1. Is cache-dir and cache-db-path used by move or sync operations
  2. If 1 is true, What function do they serve? (cache-db-path keeps cached file structure?)
  3. If 1 is true, do rclone sync and rclone move need the same paths as the rclone mount command or should they have their own paths so there aren't overwriting/locking issues?

THis means you are writing to the mount. and not syncing directly like mentioned above.

copy/move/sync sends data directly to the remotes. There's no local 'caching'.

Why exactly do you think you need cache even on the mount? 99% of people I see using the cache backend don't have a need for it. Most people are using it because reddit or a plex forum said they needed it for API bans. But that isn't the case.

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