Cache crypt Sync


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There’s a 3rd option, but would require some scripting to Sonarr/Radarr:

You set that up on your Plex server and then configure Sonarr to hit the server on a specific port listened by plex autoscan to scan specific folders.

This would require uploading via rclone move each new file to your GDrive and then having Sonarr hit autoscan endpoint to force plex to scan only the folder the file was just added to.

Or wait until the reading of the google change log comes in or go back to Plexdrive and come back later :slight_smile:


I’ll just do this. Stick with plexdrive for now. Thanks for the help.


Hi, I am on a shared seedbox, I have mounted my google drive with this command:

    rclone mount --allow-other gdrivecache: /home29/poiu0/gdrivemount

I think it is with cache. But I have a problem, when I upload a new file to my google drive I can’t find this new file inside the /home29/poiu0/gdrivemount folder. So Plex can’t find the file.

Is this the same problem of this topic?

Which is the solution to automatically find the new files uploaded to google drive inside the mounted drive?


There is no simple solution yet. You’d have to delete the cache every time you get a new file and if you’re using Plex you’ll certainly be banned.

Either use Plexdrive or wait until @remus.bunduc implements the feature to automatically read new changes in Google drive and add those to cache


What about –cache-info-age? Shouldn’t rclone read new changes after the cache expires?

I have an idea, actually the changes to google drive are made with my remote

gdrive drive

The mount is made with

gdrivecache cache

The google drive account is the same. Would there be any benefit if I make changes with gdrivecache?


I set up rclone with crypt and cache on my plex server to replace plexdrive. I set cache age to 6 hours and have a lot of new files being added to plex all the time. It does appear to take longer for files to show up in plex (as expected) but been running this several days and playing a bunch of files (and since I have a r/w filessystem now also set up sub-zero on plex which has been updating data) and running great so far with no bans at all.



How do I change the cache age?
Is it this?

How much time should object info (file size, file hashes etc) be stored in cache. Use a very high value if you don't plan on changing the source FS from outside the cache.
Accepted units are: "s", "m", "h".
Default: 5m
Choose a number from below, or type in your own value
 1 / 1 hour
   \ "1h"
 2 / 24 hours
   \ "24h"
 3 / 24 hours
   \ "48h"
info_age> 2

I have set the default.


There is a field on the reclone config file for it. I changed it there.


@Krandor how can I access this file?


In Linux it is in $home/.config/reclone



My ‘‘info_age’’ line inside the rclone config is blank like this:

info_age =

What does that mean? Is it set to default or is it set to infinite?


Default value. I set mine to 6h and so far no bans and plex files get added after 6h. So far working good for me.



But the deault value is ‘‘5m’’, so I guess that it updates the cache every 5 minutes. Is that true? It seems weird.


5m doesn’t sound right for detault. Default should be 24 or 48 hours - something like that.



But it says 5m here: