Bwlimit ignored in rclone copy

Hi all,

I am trying to push my backups to ACD using rclone and even if I did set the bwlimit to 1000, it is fully ignored / not working :

C:\rclone-v1.35-windows-amd64>rclone copy E:\MyBackups ACD:Data_Backup --bwlimit 1000 --acd-upload-wait-per-gb 3m0s --verbose
2017/01/27 14:10:26 Starting bandwidth limiter at 1000kBytes/s
2017/01/27 14:10:26 rclone: Version “v1.35” starting with parameters [“rclone” “copy” “E:\MyBackups” “ACD:Data_Backup” “–bwlimit” “1000” "
–acd-upload-wait-per-gb" “3m0s” “–verbose”]

It is using all my Upload bandwidth and I cant use anything else in the house, so will have to kill rclone :disappointed:

Am I doing something wrong ??? or did I miss anything in the command ??

Many Thanks


ok, found this ‘bug’ Bwlimit not limiting upload bandwidth to Amazon Drive.
followed it and I got this ‘fixed’ …user error:) mine :)))

keep up the great work !!

To others that might be interested

–bwlimit int Bandwidth limit in kBytes/s, or use suffix b|k|M|G