Business drive to another business drive in different domain

There is a SO question on this. you could search sync-everything-from-google-drive-business-to-another-business-account in SO.

The question is mainly about
Does the command line support sync folder from the business drive to another business drive in a different domain?

let say the source folder in account A is Folder A. The target folder in account B is Folder B.

Without rclone. I will do it in this way, I grant account A access to a folder in the shared drive created by account B. Let this folder be Folder C.

Each time period (maybe 1 day) I use python to capture tree structure in Account A. I use the tree to copy Folder A to Folder B. And then copy Folder B to Folder C.

Could rclone do this any better?

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone will sync files between any two providers that rclone supports.

in your case, both are gdrive and rclone can do that server-side, so no using local bandwidth.

rclone sync accountA:FolderA accountB:FolderB --drive-server-side-across-configs --dry-run

i use a python script to run rclone....

thanks! I wonder how rclone achieve this........... btw is it possible that you could share your python script............ very much appreciate.......

lol, it must be --magic
but seriously, not 100% sure about using it across two different domains, but gdrive allows for that, so rclone makes use of it.
a simple test using a debug log would give the answer.

as for the script, it is over 600 lines, runs only on windows and orchestrates

  • rclone
  • 7zip
  • fastcopy
  • Microsoft VSS - Volume Shadow Copy Service, snapshot technology for backing up in-use/open files
  • complied as a portable .exe file

i have been thinking about writing a post about it here in the forum, and if there is interest, posting it at github.
tho i am not a professional programmer, i have been using it for approx. two years on a bunch of desktops and servers.

if you have a specific question about using python with rclone, please ask....

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