Bulk authorize multiple google accounts

Hello. I have 100 users in my google organization and I need to create a remote for each one.

But it takes so long to login to account, create remote, copy authorization code etc is there a way to do this quicker?

It's been hours and I only did 11 accounts so far because I always lose focus lol

Use a service account with the --drive-impersonate flag

service accounts are not a solution anymore since they don't have their own limits anymore.

So if I did this it would means nothing. I need each user with their own access so they don't share any limits

I have uploaded 110TB (~18TB /day) to my organization using two service accounts (2 shared drives, 15 users per drive) .
These service accounts belong to a personal Google account though.

The service accounts get limited after using them like 2-3 times in a row. I have already tried using them, doesn't work

I really need each user to have his own rclone remote with their own tokens.