Bucket encryption

I want to have a functionality that to encrypt files of the storage when write operation happened and decrypt when I need to read from the storage. I wanted to know can make such a functionality using the crypt or no. If no, what other tools do you suggest that works with most-used storage services?
I need this functionality for multiple storage services.

hello and welcome to the forum,

yes, rclone can do that


The document does not say that crypt can provide such a functionality. it will just crypt remote destination. i didn't find any API for that purpose.

sorry, not understanding what you mean?

Imagine I have a PHP application that stores uploaded objects in s3. I want to encrypt the uploaded object automatically. Also, decrypt the object when it is going to be read.
I meant, the link you provided has not mentioned that I can implement the mentioned feature.
Is that clear?

you can use rclone mount