Broken Slackinviter

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

The slack inviter does not work (possibly because there is a typo in slack domain, it's .slack instead of slack).

Error: Failed to invite to team: Post!s(int64=REDACTED): dial tcp: lookup no such host

Thanks for pointing that out.

Is slack a useful resource for people? Maybe I should just point people at a discord channel instead.

For me personally, I find real time chatting on slack too distracting with the actual work of making rclone so I almost never use the slack.

If you want @Kaspian I can send you an invite (assuming the email you registered the forum with is the email that you want the invite to go to - if not PM me with the email)

Yeah I usually prefer Matrix and Discord over slack, if there is one of these I can happily join :slight_smile:

Your best place for chat / support for the time being is here on the forum.

So there is no discord server? You can send me the slack invite then, email is the same as on forums.
I am a big fan of real-time chats.

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