Box operations/list 500 error 'didn't find section in config file'

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I am making an operations/list call for Box to the rclone API that sometimes returns the expected result, and sometimes throws a 500 'didn't find section in config file' error.

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Ubuntu, 64 bit

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I am using the API to run commands, so I will provide some pseudo code for the requests I am making.
First I am creating the config with this request, using JWT auth and providing the path to the config.json file containing the credentials.

  url: 'config/create', 
  data: {
    name: 'box-box-test-1615951272781', // This is just how I am choosing to structure remote names
    type: 'box',
    parameters: {
      client_id: '<client_id>',
      client_secret: '<client_secret>',
      box_config_file: 'path/to/config.json',
      box_sub_type: 'enterprise'
    obscure: true

The config/create request comes back successful with a 200 status code. Then I am performing an operations/list call:

  url: 'operations/list', 
  data: {
    fs: 'box-box-test-1615951272781:',
    remote: 'path/to/dir'

My issue is, most of the time this comes back as a 200 and lists the files correctly, but some of the time a 500 error is thrown. A sample of the returned response looks like this:

response: {
  status: 500,
  statusText: 'Internal Server Error',
  data: {
    error: "didn't find section in config file",
    input: { fs: 'box-box-test-1615951272781:', remote: 'path/to/dir' },
    path: 'operations/list',
    status: 500

Sometimes if I retry the same exact request seconds after a 500 error is returned, the request will succeed the second time. I was thinking maybe there is a race condition reading the config file causing the inconsitencies in the response, but adding retry logic does not seem to fully fix the issue. Any more insight on the cryptic error message would be helpful.

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

I am using the rcd command with the --rc-no-auth flag on.

A log from the command with the -vv flag

2021/03/17 03:53:54 ERROR : rc: "operations/list": error: didn't find section in config file

Hmm, can you try the latest beta with this please?

The config file handling has change a lot and I don't want to debug the old code!

Also note that you can pass on-the-fly configured backends via the rc in the beta as connection strings which would save you putting it in the config file at all: Documentation

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Upgrading fixed the issue thank you! Any idea when this fix will be released in a stable version?

Greaat, glad it is working. This should be released in 1.55 which is scheduled for end of this month.

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