Box: Duplicates due to case insensitive

First post here, just starting using this after trying it on my own with rsync.
I’m trying to sync with a Box account (University gives us unlimited storage). I’m getting a lot of “Duplicate directory found in source - ignoring” errors, and it looks like it’s due to case insensitivity somewhere. For example, I have directories as “IRELAND” and “Ireland” that give the error. Is there any solution to this problem?

I’m guessing that you are using something like linux as a source and box as a destination.

Linux is case sensitive, meaning you can have directories called “Ireland” and “IRELAND” whereas box is case-insensitive - both of those would refer to the same directory.

The best solution will be to rename your folders so they are different I think. You’ll have the same problem if you ever want to put your files on a USB stick for instance…

If you don’t want to share files with people on box, then you can use crypt over the top of box which will restore the case insensitivity.

Yes, source is Linux, so I’m used to case sensitivity, thanks for the reply! Guess I will be more careful now.

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