/ Sync - revisiting the process

Apologies if this is covered in changenotes I have missed

Looking to update/tweak my backups from windows to -

I have been doing very large backups from windows to (relativly small delta but total probably 50 tb)

using copy for some time, recently switching to scanning with --max-age and using --files-from (with --size-only, --no-update-modtime ) which seems to be working very well in 1.45

  • does --max-age properly pick up access times under windows ? or perhaps tweak how I’m doing this so file changes are also properly picked up

  • in the past when I have done sync, new versions of files tend to cause a deletion of the previous version and moving it to --backup-dir - so essentially if you are constantly doing sync you have the current and 1 previous versions, versions before that were sent to the trash which is better than nothing but not ideal.

so I am wonderin if this behaviour has changed or there is some new combination of features that could make this work better?


If you use the latest beta then you can do this in one step with something like

rclone copy --max-age 1h --no-traverse src dst

Using lsf to make a list to pass to --files-from will have the same effect though.

As far as I know but if it doesn’t I’d like to hear about it! Note it is modification times rclone uses.

You can see what rclone thinks the modification times are with

rclone ls --max-depth 1 \path\to\dir

What you want is for your backup script to change the backup dir once a day - so put the date in it say. Or you could use the --suffix flag with a date on it.

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so simple, that makes a ton of sense appending the date, thanks

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