fair use violations

I wanted to start a new thread on this - I am curious from those who have had these issues recently - are you using a client id/box app ID or not? I realized for the account I had a problem with I was not. not that I would trust box moving forward I am just curious if this made a difference ?


It makes no difference, I had one, others not, same consequences.

quick update - I put in a formal request to terminate my box account - started downloading - this morning at 4:00am I got a Fair use violation email, basically impossible to download anything except very small files. Have a ticket open. allegedly support actually understood that I had a 30 day request to transfer my data out.

will see

Very curious to see what they say - I would like to pull down 40TB of data but I already know they will hit me with Fair use policy

I managed to do about 18TB - it's clear the fair use script runs on a schedule (it was exactly at 4:00AM today) waiting to hear back, I expect it's a few days. Curiously enough it seems like box drive MAY still be working, which would be annoying for some of my leftover chunked/crypted stuff obviously

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