business slots available to share the costs

If anyone is interested
I signed to business plan ans I have slots available if anyone wants to share the costs

How did you get signed up for an account? I've been trying for two days and it always says "further verification is needed, please open a ticket". So far the support staff has been unable to help me, they sent me a link to try but that still didn't work. If I can't get signed up I might be interested in joining you, just hesitant going into something under someone else's account.

I don't remember having issues signing up
Let me know if you'd like to join

@marcelo I'm looking to join, are you still sharing?

@marcelo, I too am interested if still available

I had this problem as well, support staff eventually solved it.

@marcelo I like to got a slot. Let me know if you have free slot. Thanks in advance!

Any spots left? This is what I cam eon here to find.

I have 2 spots left

How do you guys manage box api limits between different users?

So far it doesn't seem like an issue. According to the dashboard we're at almost a million activities (what I assume to be calls). When I run a 'Platform Activity Report' it shows the totals at over 3 million. That's all with some users using custom apps for transfers and usage, while others are logging in as users through rclone verification.

As of right now API limits doesn't seem to be enforced but don't rely on that. They'll change their stance just as soon as they're not making as much money.

FYI i have about 25 TB on a business account - recently I uploaded another 19 TB for a second user and got this: first time I’ve ever seen it

No issues otherwise

Is it available? How much is the slot?