Borgbackup backblaze B2 uploading?


I’m new to rclone. I plan to use borgback to create repos, which are uploaded to B2 cloud via rclone. I’ll use a retention policy with borgback, but am confused how rclone handles the repos, and will it create multiple versions of the same repo? That is, do I also need to set a retention policy for rclone too?

And if there any example of scripts for this kind of thing, that would be most helpful


I am trying to do something similar here. Borg local, then rclone the borg repo. I came across an issue this morning and I am not sure where to direct it.

I rcloned a test repo last night, and this morning mounted it with rclone from my B2 bucket.

Borg would not see it as a repo until I downloaded the entire repo again to my local machine. I see this as a problem since I will not want to restore 1TB of data to my machine when I just need a few items out of it.

@flamingm0e - Hopefully someone will reply.
Though in the meantime, would you mind posting your script. I’d like to at least get an idea. And did you use copy or sync?

I don’t really have any scripts in place yet. this is just testing phase right now. I did use rclone sync -xv on my upload of my borg repo to b2

I’ve just configured this.

rclone for BackBlaze B2

Basic script:

#Let’s set some variables
DATA="/mnt/goodies /mnt/private /mnt/music"
TODAY=$(date +%Y%m%d)
EXCLUDE="–exclude ‘sh:/mnt/goodies/Downloads/*’“
PRUNEDATES=”–keep-daily=7 --keep-weekly=4 --keep-monthly=12"

#Is backup mounted? It should have happened at boot via SystemD
if [ mount | grep backup | wc -l == “1” ]

#Build a bear, er, command

#and then we prune

#and finally, let’s chuck this up to the ‘cloud’
rclone sync $REPOPATH $CLOUDDEST -v
echo /mnt/backup isn’t mounted, this is an issue
sendEmail -f -t -u No Backup -m Backup did not happen. Check it. -s SMTP -xu SMTP-USER -xp SMTP-PASSWD

That’s it. Depends on sendemail, borgbackup and rclone.

If you want to restore use the local repo you’ll be keeping for borg, else if your house burns down you will need to pull the whole repo back down somewhere and do a restore.

I’ve set B2 to only keep the latest file and no backups as Borg Backup is doing all that for me.