Block size in mount command

dose someone know what is the block size that is been used in the mount command
and do i have the ability to modify it ?

thanks for the help

There isn't a concept of block size to mount with as you are mounting cloud storage and it's setup however the cloud provider stores their data.

If you are trying to use software that operates on block-level (such as some backup or disk-imaging software) then this is not possible as we do not have direct access to the hardware. Everything must run at file-level, for the reasons Animosity states.

But there are usually other options to this though, such as saving incremental changes to file and then uploading these.

Rclone does tell various lies to the OS about block size when you use statvfs on an rclone mount.


$ stat -f /mnt/tmp
  File: "/mnt/tmp"
    ID: 0        Namelen: 255     Type: fuseblk
Block size: 4096       Fundamental block size: 4096
Blocks: Total: 122361346  Free: 27727792   Available: 21494756
Inodes: Total: 1000000000 Free: 1000000000

I don't know what the OS does with those though.

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