BitTorrent File System (BTFS) Storage System

Would be cool if rclone could have BitTorrent File System (BTFS) as a storage system.

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how do you think that is a good fit for rclone?

Currently the existing providers are centralised or DIY. BTFS renting would be akin to the PutIO provider, however BTFS would be cheaper, completely decentralised, and without a storage limit. It would also allow app developers to use say rclone mount to easily mount BTFS and use it for storage on their application.

BTFS can use FUSE to mount its own storage and then use any command line or gui tool designed for local.

i just tried to download it and got an antivirus alert?
i downloaded from

and now i get

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ok, this is confusing but if you click on
there is a link to a portable .exe app for windows, no install needed.

do not click on the shiny blue button.
instead click on How to Install for Mac or Linux

there is go lang support

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