Bisync alternative

I'm using bisync now to have my files offline, and every time i lock my workstation it starts bisync with google drive, that i also have my files in the cloud. But bisync is an experimental feature and sometimes there is an error, and if i see it i need to start resync manual. That is pretty annoying. I want to implement different strategy, mount and then sync offline files with mounted drive using some other tool. Will it work? Maybe you have a advice what tools i can test for syncing?

I am the author of syncrclone which does bi-directional syncing with rclone.

It has a fundamentally different (and in my biased opinion, more robust) sync algorithm and general approach. See this document for a comparison.

I have no idea how many people use it but it’s been pretty rock solid for me the past 3 years. And I’ve worked out how to avoid a second file listing which really speeds it up too!

Some notes:

  • There is no resync mode. The algorithm implicitly handles this so it doesn’t care one way or the other
  • I do not recommended your mount then sync with this. Keep going directly to source

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