[Beta] Marauder - Another media downloading and watching solution utilising Rclone!


Over the last few months I've been working on Marauder, my attempt at a all-bells-and-whistles-included fully-dockerised Media downloading/watching solution with a Google drive unlimited backend, utilising Rclone (obviously!).

It's not finished, I still have quite a ways to go, but I'm looking for some people interested in testing it. Some things to keep in mind:

  • It currently only supports Usenet. Torrents are not yet implemented (But will be soon)
  • It only supports Google Team Drives
  • The getting started guide assumes that you have admin access to the GSuite account that the Google drives are on
  • The getting started guide sort of assumes that you're starting from scratch, but should technically work if you have data already
  • It assumes you're running Linux, but should technically work on Windows if you have Bash + Docker

Please, please please do not try this yet unless you know what you're doing. This is very much a beta. Follow the getting started guide and do it on a clean team drive. I take no responsibility if it accidentally breaks anything, so sandbox it away from your current setup!

I've tried to make it as simple as possible to get started, but there may be bits I've forgotten or missing parts that I'd really like people to point out. If you encounter any issues, please open up an issue on Github and I'll take a look into it.

Even though it's incomplete, I thought I'd post it here to get some feedback in the beta stage, since I saw some people have come across it and starred it in the last few days.

Current services & fanciness:

  • Nzbhydra2
  • Sabnzbd
  • Radarr
  • Sonarr
  • Traktarr
  • Medusa
  • Bazarr
  • Lazylibrarian
  • Mylar
  • Headphones
  • Plex
  • Does uploads via a dedicated upload script rather than via the GDrive mount
  • Will automatically switch between service accounts to get around the 750gb/day upload limit
  • Will automatically switch between team drives to get around the 400,000 file limit

I've been using it solidly for a few months now while developing it and I can quite comfortably stream 100+GB 4k films through the watcher stack that were uploaded minutes before by the downloader stack. I had a lot of trouble doing this with other configurations, and have spent a lot of time optimising it so it worked for this purpose. I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts and experiences with it.

Thanks to ncw for making Rclone, it's god damn amazing, and thanks to @thestigma for being a legend at supporting me trying to do weird stuff with Rclone.

If you want to chat with me, I'm on the Rclone slack in the #marauder channel (Hopefully @ncw doesn't mind me borrowing a channel on slack ;))