Beta changelog?

Is there a change log for beta releases? I cant’ seem to find anything short of reading the descriptions on the github commits. I’d like to know what new fixes and features are in the betas when they are released.

I’m afraid the commits are the only descriptions. Note that you can match the commit ID up with the name of the beta so that should help.

Eg was based off commit 0579867 which you can make into a url to show on github

Making a good changelog is a lot of work and I only do it for the releases. I’m trying to make the releases on a quicker schedule - once per month now.

Fair enough. That’s kind of what I figured but just thought I’d ask. I’ve been using the betas for a while because of must have features. I don’t even recall which but 'm pretty sure those features have made their way to the stable release by now. I just haven’t had time to verify and switch…

The features that make it to the betas will be in the next release. The betas are all made from the master branch which will become the next release.

Occasionally I put out changes which aren’t merged to master - these aren’t in though and their names have the branch name in.